5 Fun Christmas Party Ideas For Work Events

When it comes to organising the company Christmas party or a function for clients, it can be underwhelming at the options presented to you to meet the budget you’ve been given. Or your company has done the same kind of things for years, which seems to work, but maybe you want to do something a little different. And, at this time of the year, searches for fun Christmas party ideas go through the roof.

Maybe, there are so many choices and you just don’t have time to go through them all. After all, this is just something extra you’ve got to do on top of your already bulging workload. So we’ve compiled just 5 fun Christmas party ideas to inspire your next work function.


Fun Christmas Party Ideas – Amazing Race Themed Challenge

Fun Christmas Party Ideas

If it is team-building you’re looking for this can be a great idea for a work function. Depending on where you are, there are companies out there that you can do this with, otherwise, it’ll take a little more planning and work on your behalf.

This classic scavenger hunt style event suits large or small teams get your group outdoors and creates some competition to make things a little more interesting.

Depending on your overall group fitness, you might want to keep it reasonably short, but you could include things like getting a photo in front of an iconic location, answers relating to exhibitions at the museum, taking public transport to a specific point to get a clue and so much more.


Fun Christmas Party Ideas – Boat Cruise

Fun Christmas Party Ideas

If eating, drinking and having a good time is high on the agenda for your function, something like a private boat cruise screams fun!

Usually, these come with set food and drink packages, which you can choose based on your budget, length of desired time and even group size.

In some cases, you’ll have options around music like organising your own band, which can also help you tailor the vibe you’re after.

Depending on your group, you might want to consider a sit-down portion of the experience or even combing in with an onshore dinner option.


Fun Christmas Party Ideas – Cooking Class

Fun Christmas Party Ideas

Cooking classes can be a fun function idea if your group isn’t too large. They’re interactive, hands-on, and also encourage teamwork. Plus, you get to feast on the fruits of your labour.

Most places will include a drink package option or allow you to bring some to complete your feast.

I’d also recommend mixing in a class with something else like a nice dinner or cocktails afterward. Perhaps, an experience like this one.


Fun Christmas Party Ideas – Fancy Dress or Theme Party

Fun Christmas Party Ideas

Okay, admittedly some people hate dressing up and that’s fine, but it doesn’t mean you can’t  throw a theme party.

For family-friendly, you might have a circus or magic theme and get performers in. Or, for the adults, you might like to throw a Casino Royale party, have some poker tables and a few other games, get everyone to dress up nicely and make an evening out of it with cocktails and canapes.


Fun Christmas Party Ideas  – Food or Wine Tour

Fun Christmas Party Ideas

Being a company that provides a variety of foodie experiences and tours it would be remiss of me not to mention this as an option.

These are best for smaller groups and provide a great way for everyone to mingle, explore different places and cater to different tastes. By visiting a variety of venues you can tailor the experience to suit a variety of different people so that everyone gets something that they will hopefully really like out of the celebration.

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