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Your personalised itinerary is really just the first component of our food tours, but they also provide you with A LOT MORE…

  • Your own driver and transportation for door-to-door service,
  • Your own host, providing you with insider knowledge, not only about the different locations, but also about the restaurants, food, drinks and what makes the food culture unique,
  • Additional menu options and tastings not otherwise available to the public, as well as
  • Other special offers given only to tour guests

(And don’t forget you will have your personalised itinerary very soon…) BUT, you can have the whole package…

Normally, our progressive dining tours start at $160 for a two course meal, but I’m going to show you how you can get the whole package for a three course meal for only $150.

You see, we know that to truly understand a city’s food culture, having someone share insider knowledge with you is invaluable. We know that to truly relax and enjoy yourself, you don’t want to have to worry about where you have to go, how to get there or even where to park. We also know that it’s nice to feel special, to be given special treatment and items and services not usually available to the public.

So, as you have already become a customer, we want to give you a special welcome offer because we know the whole package provides you with so much more…

But, once you close this window, this opportunity closes too.

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