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We all have that friend or family member who finds it painful when they have to hang out with people who don’t love food nearly as much as them. And, we know they experience a whole other level of hangry so we’ve put together a list of 13 delicious Christmas gifts for foodies to satisfy their taste buds
From products to books and even experiences this list is sure to please even the most dedicated of foodies.


Start making the perfect pour over with this complete V60 kit from Hario! This is the method of coffee brewing that can deliver superb results, you’ll see that many specialty coffee shops are offering V60 brew methods on their menus.

Yes, another coffee gift, but we know there are a lot of coffee addicts out there!

If you’re buying for a coffee lover that loves a lot of coffee, this can be a great option. As the name suggests, a batch brewer is a device that allows you to brew a batch of coffee at once rather than one cup at a time (like say, a v60 pourover or an Aeropress).

They’re popping up in Australian cafes & home kitchens all over the place because they’re simple to use, extremely consistent and make enough coffee for the whole family.

The Breville precision brewer is making waves in the coffee scene with its impressive volume and functionality. One reason is the unique way that it works. Instead of using a heat exchange to push water through the brewer as it heats up, the precision brewer has a vibration pump that moves the water as it heats to the right temperature, meaning you can set the temp how you like rather than being stuck with one setting. 

Additionally, you can manually program temperature and bloom time or use pre-set functions such as ‘Gold Cup’, fast brew, and cold brew.

Have you tried the BBQ beer can method for cooking your chicken yet? If you have, you’ll know it’s the future of finger-lickin chicken! This twin BBQ roaster gives you twice as much meat, and means your gift recipient can impress their mates with the most tender, juicy and succulent chicken.

A can of beer placed inside the chicken ensures that the barbequed chicken is moist inside and out. Once inside the BBQ, the liquid boils and steams to infuse the flesh of the chicken.

The latest trend from Asia – a combination of BBQ and hot pot! SOGA BBQ is the new lifestyle BBQ trend for extremely delicious, impressive and healthy food. SOGA expands the range of the traditional tabletop grill, such as raclette or hot stones, by adding a soup area for cooking meat, fish, vegetables, pasta or mushrooms. The grill is extremely easy to use.

This one might be more of a stocking filler, but for those serious about their food, they’re sure to find it pretty handy.

There’s nothing worse than a half-eaten bag of chips or biscuits going stale, which is why this automatic bag sealer is our new best friend. Requiring no batteries (it comes with a USB charger) and no preheating, you simply place the edge of the bag in the sealer and slide along for an airtight seal. You can use it on any plastic bag material, plus, there’s also a cutter function for bags and boxes.


Philip Khoury is the head pastry chef at Harrods and not only has a wealth of knowledge about traditional pastries, his wisdom on alternative recipes are equally as delicious. In this game-changing book for the many who follow a plant-based diet, its subtitle, Re-imagined Recipes For Plant-Based Cakes, Bakes And Desserts, says it all. These delicious recipes all use alternatives to the animal fats, eggs and dairy that are traditionally used.

Born in Kenya to Indian parents, Ravinder Bhogal – food writer and chef/owner of restaurant Jikoni – developed an early love of vegetables from her grandfather’s “Edenic” allotment and marveling at the produce of local women growers. This lively and engaging vegetarian book shares that love and revels in Bhogal’s belief that “vegetables are the soul of the kitchen… [offering] endless opportunities for play.” The recipes deliver on that: hot and sour sweetcorn risotto with lime leaf butter and mango and ‘golden coin’ curry are among the many that insist on being made. These vegetarian recipes are modern, inventive and cross-cultural, written with warmth and love.

Mat Lindsay is the acclaimed chef-proprietor of Sydney woodfire-fuelled restaurant Ester, and its spin-off wine bar, Poly. (Nigella Lawson has called him a “true genius”.) Meanwhile, Pat Nourse’s years spent as Gourmet Traveller’s chief restaurant critic and deputy editor means you can expect the reading of this one to be as satisfying as the cooking. Ester is an invitation to play with your food and enjoy the adventure. Whether it prompts you to rethink the possibilities of toast, roast your fruit, try the classic cauliflower, or embrace Sunday lunch, the Ester playbook presents many ideas to cook and live by.

It could loosely be termed “modern-Australian” – it weaves in flavours and inspirations. This boundary-less cooking is reimagined for the home kitchen. Think pickled mussels as banging in a salad as they are on toast, and dramatic wood-grilled calamari and lardo skewers.

Whether you are hosting friends for a backyard BBQ, or planning a cozy date night at home, Elizabeth makes entertaining essentials easy and affordable.

Heard of Gimlet, Cutler & Co, Supernormal and Cumulus Inc? Then you’ve probably heard of their owner, restaurateur and chef Andrew McConnell. Butcher Troy Wheeler co-owns Meatsmith – a foursome of upmarket butcher shops – with McConnell. Simply put, they know meat.

As its name suggests, it delivers 80-plus recipes for cooking meat in style. It’s all about sharing stunning meals in which meat plays a part – whether as the main event, or as a bit on the side. Think Meatsmith’s signature beef Wellington, tips on cooking a perfect rib-eye, and advice on how to nail a roast. Recipes for salads and other sides make it a one-stop shop for your next dinner party or special occasion.

Lune Croissanterie is one of the most talked about bakeries in the world (including here in Brisbane). From rave reviews from Nigella Lawson, Yotam Ottolenghi, René Redzepi and Rachel Khoo, to features in news outlets such as New York Times and The Guardian.
Now you can get behind the scenes of these delicious pastries with a copy of Lune by Kate Reid. With her expertise as a master pastry chef, Reid shares her techniques, recipes, and insights into creating exceptional pastries.

From the delicate layers of buttery dough, to the flakiness of the final product, Lune is a testament to Reid’s dedication and passion for her craft. This beautifully illustrated book is a must-have for pastry enthusiasts and anyone seeking to elevate their baking skills.


Cooking classes are a great hands-on experience for foodies to expand their skills and nourish their palates.
For Queensland based foodies, The Tamarind Cooking Skill can make a wonderful gift. The Tamarind Cooking School offers the opportunity to learn the intricacies of a range of cuisines from expert chefs in a state of the art cooking school, overlooking inspirational gardens in the heart of a beautiful rainforest.

Vanilla Zulu Culinary Adventures offer a wide range of interactive cooking classes including cuisines like Rustic Italian, Authentic Thai, Asian Street Food, Spanish Tapas, Eat yourself sexy, Desserts and Pastries, Middle Eastern and Vegan classes…to name just a few. Enjoy helping to prepare the food and joining in the cooking process with a skilled chef by your side. The best way to learn. 

We may be a little bias, but our customised food tours are always so popular with foodies because they can tell us a little about what they do and don’t like and we then create an experience specially catered to their tastes and desires. It’s a great present for foodies to be able to just sit back, enjoy themselves, and experience a number of great restaurants in the one night. If they’re not Brisbane based, it also gives them a chance to do a little food travel!


Not quite sure exactly what they’d like? Well, why not grab them a gift voucher and let them customise their experience to their tastes?


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