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We all have that friend or family member who finds it painful when they have to hang out with people who don’t love food nearly as much as them. And, we know they experience a whole other level of hangry so we’ve put together a list of 13 delicious Christmas gifts for foodies to satisfy their taste buds
From products to books and even experiences this list is sure to please even the most dedicated of foodies.


Start making the perfect pour over with this complete V60 kit from Hario! This is the method of coffee brewing that can deliver superb,results, you’ll see that many specialty coffee shops are offering V60 brew methods on their menus.

Buying a gift for a coffee lover? This mug is a definitely a winner. As a mum of young kids, I know how hard it is to drink your coffee while it’s hot. It’s a smart mug, designed to keep your drink at the exact temperature you like.

With this gift, the home cook will get 365 recipes for snacks, apps, treats and drinks. Plus they can collect and save their favourites with tear-off pages that are perfectly sized to fit in a recipe box.

The latest trend from Asia – a combination of BBQ and hot pot! SOGA BBQ is the new lifestyle BBQ trend for extremely delicious, impressive and healthy food. SOGA expands the range of the traditional tabletop grill, such as raclette or hot stones, by adding a soup area for cooking meat, fish, vegetables, pasta or mushrooms. The grill is extremely easy to use.

This is a traditional sourdough starter that will grow to maturity in 2-3 days. No experience, bread machine, bannetons or other special equipment needed. Feed every 6-weeks or whenever you bake, whichever comes first. You can also choose to feed it daily, the traditional way.


Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat is an ambitious new approach to cooking by a major new culinary voice. Chef and writer Samin Nosrat has taught everyone from professional chefs to middle school kids to author Michael Pollan to cook using her revolutionary, yet simple, philosophy.

This book gathers 100 recipes inspired by the sexy series.From dazzling canapés, savoury meat pies, sparkling wine, gooseberry pie, delicious finger sandwiches, and more, you’ll be eating like a Bridgerton in no time. Never mind what Lady Whistledown says, it’s time to eat!

Entertaining doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. Everyday Entertaining will be your go-to guide with 110+ Instagram-worthy recipes for mains, apps, brunch, cocktails, desserts and more – complete with times and tricks from setting the perfect table to designing your own restaurant style cheeseboard. Whether you are hosting friends for a backyard BBQ, or planning a cozy date night at home, Elizabeth makes entertaining essentials easy and affordable.

Carneval presents itself as a “celebration of meat, in recipes”, but is also a highly thoughtful treatise on meat eating. It’s refreshing to be urged to eat less but better. That said, you might need a lot of self-control from the looks of these recipes.

For everyone who loves travel and trying the local delicacies, this beautifully illustrated hardback is the must-have handbook to a year’s worth of perfect weekends around the world for food lovers. Food trails featured include the BBQ trail in Texas, a food tour of Tokyo, Puglia’s distinctive dishes, and Parisian patisserie. Each trail is an itinerary, detailing when and where to indulge in the local specialities. There are 52 trails, each with gorgeous photography, a bespoke map, expert writing and practical details of how to get there and where to stay.


Cooking classes are a great hands-on experience for foodies to expand their skills and nourish their palates.
For Queensland based foodies, The Tamarind Cooking Skill can make a wonderful gift. The Tamarind Cooking School offers the opportunity to learn the intricacies of a range of cuisines from expert chefs in a state of the art cooking school, overlooking inspirational gardens in the heart of a beautiful rainforest.

Vanilla Zulu Culinary Adventures offer a wide range of interactive cooking classes including cuisines like Rustic Italian, Authentic Thai, Asian Street Food, Spanish Tapas, Eat yourself sexy, Desserts and Pastries, Middle Eastern and Vegan classes…to name just a few. Enjoy helping to prepare the food and joining in the cooking process with a skilled chef by your side. The best way to learn. 

We may be a little bias, but our customised food tours are always so popular with foodies because they can tell us a little about what they do and don’t like and we then create an experience specially catered to their tastes and desires. It’s a great present for foodies to be able to just sit back, enjoy themselves, and experience a number of great restaurants in the one night. If they’re not Brisbane based, it also gives them a chance to do a little food travel!


Not quite sure exactly what they’d like? Well, why not grab them a gift voucher and let them customise their experience to their tastes?


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