In light of the COVID19 pandemic, we’re doing all we can to ensure the health and safety of our customers. 

Looking after our customers and ensuring they feel as comfortable as possible is our primary focus, so we are also making a few changes.

We acknowledge our role in communicating, promoting and maintaining safe practice and have developed a Covid safe plan to guide our practices moving forward.

As a result we are implementing a four stage approach, including,

  1. Promoting and facilitating prescreening to prevent potentially infected staff and customers from participating in a tour,
  2. Altering business practices where relevant to ensure social distancing in line with government health guidelines,
  3. Enhancing cleaning and hygiene practices to reduce the risk of infection, and
  4. Establishing and maintaining Covid safe procedures aligned to Work Safe Queensland guidelines.

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

In line with the Queensland Government requirements, all guests must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to do a food tour with Delectable Tours as of December 17, 2021. In this instance, a person is considered fully vaccinated when they have had two doses of a TGA recognised COVID-19 vaccine.

When Queensland hits the target of 80% double dose, unvaccinated people will be unable to: Attend hospitality venues such as hotels, pubs, clubs, taverns, bars, restaurants or cafes. These activities are not essential for people to meet their basic needs, but present a considerable risk to contributing to an outbreak in our community when our borders reopen.These restrictions will start on 17 December 2021, even if we reach 80% double dose before that date.

By booking a tour with Delectable Tours to be run on or after December 17, 2021, you may be required to show proof of your COVID-19 vaccination.You will need to be able to verify, if required, that you are exempt from vaccination due to a medical contraindication.

Social Distancing and Health Measures

  • Hosts are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19
  • Hosts are trained in all the new requirements and procedures to ensure risks are mitigated as much as possible.
  • Guests will be asked prior to starting a tour if they are currently experiencing any flu-like or known COVID-19 conditions and may have their temperature checked.
  • Enforcing social distancing requirements – one person per four square meters outside of vehicles, and 1.5m social distancing requirements.
  • Limiting the number of people in a vehicle to approx. 1 to every 2 seats.
  • Conducting only private vehicle tours
  • Guests and hosts are reminded of their responsibility to ensure 1.5 meters between them and others where possible.
  • Hosts and Guests are to provide immediate advice about illness, contact with infection or vulnerability to COVID-19 where necessary. They will be asked about this via an email prior to their tour, and additionally on the day of the tour prior to commencement where deemed necessary.
  • Hosts will continue to be directed to stay at home if they are sick and to go home immediately if they become unwell.
  • Additional safety precautions we are undertaking mean that guests will receive a single-use paper menu of what we are having on the day when choices are given wherever possible.
  • All of our venues have COVID safe checklists in place, ensuring the best possible hygiene practices, including, but not limited to, surfaces such as tables being cleaned between clients.
  • Tours will now have a reduced amount of hands-on elements where physical interaction with workers cannot be minimised.
  • If a person develops flu-like symptoms during a tour, they will be separated by placing them in an area away from others. The person will be provided with tissues, hand sanitiser and a face mask, to cover their coughs and will have their next  of kin, a taxi or ambulance (when deemed necessary) to take them to their home, accommodation, or to seek medical assistance. Immediate advice and liaison with appropriate public health authorities will also guide this course of action.

Hygiene and Cleaning

  • Both hosts and guests will be required to continue to practise good hygiene by frequently cleaning their hands. Before eating or drinking anything, the host will provide guests with an alcohol-based hand sanitiser containing at least 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol. This will again be required again before re-entering the vehicle or leaving the venue.
  • We will promote good personal hygiene when sneezing and coughing. People should cover their coughs or sneezes with an elbow or tissue, dispose of the tissue immediately and wash their hands, and avoid touching their face.
  • Hosts are trained in how to spot COVID-19 symptoms (including fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue or tiredness and shortness of breath).
  • Detergent/disinfectant wipes will be provided in the vehicle and the hosts will clean anything deemed necessary with single-use disposable gloves during the tour.

Vehicle Requirements

  • Windows will be left slightly ajar wherever possible to promote airflow whilst in the vehicle.
  • Additionally, vehicle air-conditioning will be set to fresh air, not recirculated when it is required.
  • Hosts and guests will be provided with masks if they also wish to wear them inside the vehicle or at any point during the tour.
  • Vehicles will not only be cleaned but have surfaces disinfected between each tour.
  • The number of people in a vehicle will be limited to approximately one to every two seats to provide some distancing between guests when possible.
  • For now, we are only offering vehicle-led tours for private groups to minimise the amount of contact with others.
  • On full-day tours, such as our experiences to the Sunshine Coast, the vehicle will be cleaned when guests arrive for their first lunch stop, and again during their final stop.
  • Hosts may no longer assist guests when entering or exiting the vehicle.

Vehicle Cleaning Requirements (for your knowledge)

What is cleaned before and after each tour:

  • Door handles (internal and external)
  • Internal handles above doors
  • Seats
  • Seatbelts
  • Headrests
  • Grab handles
  • Window controls
  • Boot lid
  • Steering wheel
  • Dashboard
  • Control buttons
  • Gearstick
  • Cup holders
  • Centre console

Guest Requirements

  • You will be required to check-in with the Queensland COVID safe app before starting a tour, and with each venue we visit
  • We ask that you call to cancel a tour if you are unwell or experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms/ In exceptional circumstances we will waive the usual cancellation fee in this case if it is within the 48 hour period prior to the start time.
  • If you arrive for a tour and are deemed unwell or have COVID19 symptoms, the host has the right to refuse service and must insist that anyone with these symptoms does not enter the vehicle or commence a tour.
  • Guests are to provide immediate advice about illness, contact with infection or vulnerability to COVID-19, or have travelled from an area of high transmission. Guests will be asked about this via an email prior to their tour, and additionally on the day of the tour prior to commencement where deemed necessary.

Reporting and Documentation

  • If there is a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19 infection involving a Delectable Tours’ staff member or guest, Queensland Health will be notified by the medical professional who confirms the diagnosis and the relevant testing laboratory. Queensland Health will be in contact with anyone who may be impacted.

These measures will continue to be reviewed in line with the government and health department regulations and recommendations.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Take care, Jamie-Lee
Founder, Delectable Tours

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