Brisbane artisan coffee cafes

Brisbane hasn’t always had an array artisan coffee cafes, but over the past 5 years or so, there have been a number of great Brisbane artisan coffee cafes and roasters pop up all over town.

To give you a quick snapshot of Brisbane’s coffee scene, we’ve compiled a list of some of the city’s best roasters and artisan coffee cafes.

In the first part of this post, we served up some of Brisbane’s most delicious local roasters. If you missed it, you can check it out here.

Now that you’re sorted for your freshly roasted beans, which you can also enjoy at their respective cafes,

Let’s have a look at some other artisan coffee cafes where you can get a superb espresso, pour over, AeroPress, cold-drip or whatever coffee floats your boat.

A good cup of coffee isn’t only about the talent of the barista, it also has a lot to do with the ingredients, as well as the brewing process itself. Brewing methods can greatly enhance the flavour of your brew; in fact, it’s brewing methods that tend to be the hallmark of a great artisan coffee.


Artisan Coffee Cafes


Strauss is focused on delivering some of the best coffee in town, simple tasting food and great service. Sourcing everything we can locally with a strict focus on quality and working with the best suppliers in town.

Here you’ll want to try the Strauss espresso blend or their bottled cold brew.

Bunker Coffee

Bunker is nestled within the shell of a World War II air raid shelter and remains the perfect place to retreat.

Bunker specialises in quality coffee rather than a particular blend. They decided to buy their equipment outright and not contract with any company so they can source coffee from all of Australia’s top roasters.

They change their coffee weekly but always source from the best, quality-focused roasters. Locally, this includes Cup, Single Guys, Uncle Joe’s, Marvell St and Cleanskin.

Ltd Espresso

Ltd Espresso has been opened by an owner who is passionate about teaching visitors about the beans, flavours and processes that go into each cup. Luke aims for each visit to be a lesson in coffee science. So if you want to learn more about what makes a great coffee this is a must visit place for you!

Ltd espresso + brew bar is all about the coffee. Its concept is simple. Offering up three different coffees each selected for a particular style. One for White, one for black and one for Filter.

Ltd offers limited batches of blends and single origin beans from Cleanskin Coffee Co ensuring an ever-changing variety of flavours. Separate roasting beans are used for each variety of coffee, with pour overs and cold-pressed coffee also available.

Black Sheep Coffee

Black Sheep was born from two creatives with a love of coffee and a passion for detail. Their attention to ethics in sourcing coffee and tea where environmental and human standards is a top priority.

If you care about where your cup of joe comes from this is a great place to go. Black Sheep Coffee like to ensure their customers can experience something a little bit different and hope that their passion can be tasted in the final cup.  There are no shortcuts taken here, just time, effort and passion.

Espresso Garage

Espresso Garage is a hole-in-the-wall coffee haunt nestled in an unassuming nook between Grey and Little Stanley Streets. It is the perfect place for people on the go needing a quick, delicious coffee fix and a treat to go.

The Espresso Garage team shares a love for fine espresso and will understand your craving and desire for a promptly served, hot coffee. Bean-lovers will appreciate the Di Manfredi coffee flavour delivered by talented baristas. It also serves a range of yummy treats including buttery croissants, and avocado on Turkish bread.


Pourboy uses some of the world’s most exciting coffees and state of the art machinery, alongside alternative brewing methods to cater to even the most discerning of coffee aficionados.

The highly skilled team at Pourboy churn out house espresso blends, pour over, AeroPress and cold drips. Coming out of their state-of-the-art Synesso coffee machine, each cup is aromatic and smooth with full-bodied flavour.


There you have it, a fine list of some of the best Brisbane artisan coffee cafes.


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