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Sweet tooths, chocoholics and dessert lovers rejoice, World Chocolate Day is here again! This delicious day occurs globally every year as a celebration of the consumption of chocolate. The celebration occurs on the 7th of July, which is claimed to be the date chocolate was introduced to Europe some 467 years ago! So, to help you celebrate, we’ve put in the hard work to bring you Brisbane’s Best Chocolate for World Chocolate Day. With such a special day, it calls for some specialty chocolates. Not the kind you buy in the supermarkets, mass-produced or made and packaged weeks or maybe even months before it makes it into your hot little hands. After researching numerous top lists, reviews and a little personal taste-testing (someone had to do it!), we’ve determined the cream of the crop when it comes to Brisbane’s best chocolate. Prepare to have your mouth watering and your tummy rumbling!

Here are Brisbane’s Best Chocolate for World Chocolate Day.

31 Degrees Custom Chocolates

31 Degrees Custom Chocolates brings European style chocolates to Brisbane, using premium, locally sourced ingredients. The name comes from the working temperature for tempered couverture, specifically dark couverture, 31 degrees. Set up in its Woolloongabba location nearly a year ago, it has become a popular chocolatier through its delicious range of gourmet chocolates. These exquisite chocolates are hand made in small batches, pairing the world’s finest covertures with the best local ingredients. Choose from delicious options like raspberry, passion fruit, coffee and the salted caramel bars and heavenly honeycomb, or place your order for a completely customised creation.

Chocolate Moments

Chocolate Moments is another Brisbane store serving up gourmet handmade chocolates. Their Belgium couverture chocolate is made with the freshest and best ingredients sourced from around the world. And, like a number of these chocolate makers, they also offer a 3-hour Chocolate Cooking Experience. Here you might want to try some of their truffles or even chilli chocolate.

Dello Mano

Unlike the first two chocolate delights, Dello Mano is all about the brownies. And, they’re not just any old brownies. They are considered by many to be the best brownies, which have been enjoyed by numerous celebrities, dignitaries, politicians and VIP’s throughout the world. These premium handmade chocolate brownies are made in small batches from quality ingredients, free range eggs direct from the farm, Belgian chocolate and Australian butter are lovingly blended into the most delicious masterpieces. Various flavours include classic chocolate, honey caramelised macadamia, peanut butter, mixed nuts and much more. Besides making the best brownies in town, Dello Mano also makes a range of wedding cakes, cookies, pastry treats, celebration cakes and other chocolate delicacies.

Mayfield Chocolates

Mayfield Chocolates is one of Queensland’s and now Brisbane’s oldest chocolatiers. Since starting in 1993 their philosophy has always been to use real Australian ingredients and to use them in imaginative ways. They are not just copies of existing chocolates you might have tried elsewhere. One flavour you might like to try is their Rainforest Lemon Myrtle Ganache. A true Australian flavour sensation!

Murielle Vuilleumier Swiss Chocolatier

Murielle Vuilleumier Swiss Chocolatier or the monogram, MVSC Chocolates are all about making fine chocolate the Swiss way using only highest quality Swiss couverture. These guys are slightly different in that they use Swiss not Belgian couverture, which is equally as delicious. Their chocolates are made fresh daily with lots of flavours. Such flavours you might like to indulge on include, wild blackberry, brandy truffle, mocha praline and Arriba fig.

Noosa Chocolate Factory

The Noosa Chocolate Factory specialises in panning (chocolate coating) using their own high percentage cocoa dark chocolate. However, they also have an extensive milk and white chocolate range. Everything that leaves the Noosa Chocolate Factory is handcrafted, made fresh from scratch and delivered to our stores and customers promptly. They also have an emphasis on Queensland produce and manufacturing. In addition to their amazing chocolates with over 60 rotating seasonal Queensland made chocolate products, the Noosa Chocolate Factory also has a research range of signature hot chocolates and specialty coffee. Both of which make the perfect companion to their chocolates of course!

With a list like this, the only question really is where to start?

And while you’re enjoying your chocolate, why not enjoy some locally roasted coffee too?!

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