“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” – Helen Keller


No matter the economic landscape, opportunities exist and are there for the taking. These opportunities will always come in different shapes and sizes, but there is one type of opportunity that I always seek, which is the opportunity to work together.


As Mattie Stepanek once said, “Unity is strength… when there are teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” This is exactly why collaborating with like-minded businesses is a strategy I pursue passionately.


Collaboration of unique skills, experience, personality and product

When you can combine the unique skills, experience, personality and product from others that harmoniously aligns with what you offer, wonderful things can and will be achieved.

For me, finding someone with over seven years of experience serving customers just like mine, with a strong passion for what they do, and who constantly embraces the challenge of creating new products was just the kind of collaboration I was after. It created the perfect opportunity to come together to do so much more.

This someone is Mike and his team at Pterodactyl Helicopters. They offer helicopter tours through the scenic areas of Ipswich, Brisbane, The Scenic Rim, Lockyer Valley, Somerset, Logan, and the Redlands regions. They regularly work with 63 on the ground experiences and each one is fantastic in their own right.

Combining the skills, experience, personality and product of Pterodactyl Helicopters with those we share at Delectable Tours, we’ve been able to create what I believe to be one of our best products yet, The Ultimate Delectable Experience.


The Ultimate Delectable Experience

The Ultimate Delectable Experience is a first-class tour that includes both luxury car and helicopter transportation, visiting fine-dining establishments in the outer Brisbane region.

This tour highlights some of Queensland’s best locally grown produce and has a real focus on farm-to-table dining. It is a five-course experience that also includes premium wine tastings and two bottles of locally produced wines (to take home).

With the vast produce grown in these regions, it provides a scenic adventure in Brisbane’s own backyard. Helicopter flights, fine dining and award-winning wine are just some of the reasons why I believe it is our best product yet. There are also many others, which you can read about here.

Creating this collaboration really only required one key ingredient to creating a success, which was being open-minded about working together, rather than working against each other. Although our products and services do differ a bit, they still come down to creating wonderful foodie experiences for our guests. They are just as much about our guests and the local produce we share with them, as it is about the transport we use. Technically, we are competitors, but we are competitors who have the gift of seeing the value in working together.

This is just one collaboration I hope to establish. It has given us both the opportunity to give our customers even more. And, at the end of the day without you, the customer, we are nothing.


I’d love to hear what you think about The Ultimate Delectable Tour that we’ve created. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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