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Brisbane’s food culture has greatly evolved with its quality and vastness of exceptional talent, produce and end-product. A food tour of Brisbane is a unique way to experience the city and its people, and people are really starting to take notice with more and more accolades coming in. Brisbane isn’t well known as a foodie destination. However, when you consider the amazing variety and quality of local produce surrounding the city it should be no surprise. Especially considering one of the world’s top ten most fertile growing regions is right on our doorstep, it really is no wonder Brisbane has a lot to offer.

Enjoy a Memorable Experience

It is our aim to ensure that each guest receives a memorable experience on each of our food tours of Brisbane and the surrounding regions. To date, we have been able to do this, which is reflected by consistently receiving 5-star reviews from our guests.

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Our Signature Small Group Food Tours of Brisbane

There are a few things all of our food tours have in common that make them stand out.

What Delectable Tours does best is to provide locally inspired food tours. This means that the experience focuses on taking guests to venues that can’t be found in any other cities, as well as places that specialise in something representative of Brisbane. This could be an ingredient or aspect of its food culture. Additionally, by keeping the groups small, we can visit these smaller venues and create a more personalised experience where each guest is specifically catered to.

Get The Inside Scoop on Brisbane

These food tours are especially designed to give you an insider view into the city’s quality culinary scene. Our food tours highlight local produce, iconic ingredients, and the best of Brisbane’s food scene to match individual tastes at both hidden gems and local institutions. Apart from this, these food tours provide insight into Brisbane’s food culture and history. It is all about giving you a Brisbane food experience and showcasing what especially makes Brisbane, Brisbane. As well as that, we provide plenty of hands-on and immersive food experiences on each tour to enhance the food story from your plate to the people you meet and what you see and do along the way.

Brisbane Food Tours

$179 P/P

Brisbane Walking Food Tour


Take your tastebuds on a journey around the world with local produce prepared in a variety of different styles and cuisines. Whilst treating your taste buds to these delights, you will also get to experience two of Brisbane's best foodie suburbs. Brisbane's inner-city suburbs are particularly booming right now in terms of their dining offerings. This tour will take you on a flavoursome journey to 4 different venues that combine both new hidden gems and Brisbane institutions.

Brisbane Walking Food Tour Itinerary

Stop #1 - Embrace the Greek way with food, wine and hospitality
The first venue will take you to the Mediterranean with a little slice of Greece. Here you will experience authentic Greek hospitality with a variety of mezedes and a Greek wine or beer.
Stop #2 - Toast to Brisbane's exceptional Craft Beer Scene or Visit One of the City's Great Wine Bars
Newstead, Tenerife and Fortitude Valley are home to a number of Brisbane’s best microbreweries and quality wine bars. Discover one of its best and enjoy its liquid gold with classically paired snacks.
Stop #3 - Experience Classic Italian at a Brisbane Institution or Middle Eastern Tapas with a Modern Twist
Enjoy a classic Italian dish prepared in a variety of ways with a glass of Italian wine or beer. Or, alternatively, visit another highly awarded venue for a variety of Middle Eastern dishes with a drink from a select list.
Stop #4 - Indulge in Asian desserts and cocktails at a Brisbane Institution
Take in the atmosphere of a modern world bar with quality Asian eats at a Brisbane Institution. To complete this Tastes of the World experience, you will end with an Asian dessert and a cocktail with an International flair.

$179 P/P

Brisbane Hidden Gems Tour


Discover some of Brisbane’s best hidden gems and speciality drinking and dining spots on this four stop experience. This tour will take you on a flavoursome journey from underground venues to hidden laneway destinations.

Brisbane Hidden Gems Tour Itinerary

Stop #1 - Start your experience at a hidden bar with top-notch drinks
To start your Brisbane CBD Hidden Gems journey, you will visit one of Brisbane’s hard-to-find, yet highly regarded bars for a guided liquor tasting or select a cocktail to enjoy with a couple of classic bar snacks with a gourmet twist.
Stop #2 - Take a walk down one of Brisbane's best foodie laneways for a tapas stop
Your second stop will take you to a great tapas bar to enjoy a variety of Mediterranean tapas, combining seafood, meat and vegetable dishes with a wine, beer or sherry from a select list.
Stop #3 - Embrace authentic dishes from a popular dining destination with those in the know
For your main food stop, you will either be able to experience a taste of the Americas with a chef’s signature board and local iconic beverage or take your tastebuds to the streets of Asia with traditional Asian street food and a drink from a select list.
Stop #4 - Finish your Brisbane CBD Hidden Gems tour with a dessert option
To conclude your evening tour, you will visit a lively underground bar and will have the choice of a Modern Australian dessert or cocktail to end your night.

FROM $236 P/P

Brisbane Local Icons Tour


Take your tastebuds on a journey around the world with local produce prepared in a variety of different styles and cuisines. Whilst treating your taste buds to these delights, you will also get to experience two of Brisbane's best foodie suburbs. Brisbane's inner-city suburbs are particularly booming right now in terms of their dining offerings. This tour will take you on a flavoursome journey to 4 different venues that combine both new hidden gems and Brisbane institutions.

Brisbane Local Icons Tour Itinerary

Stop #1 - Start your experience with a speciality treat made from a local iconic and indigenous ingredient
To start your Brisbane local icons journey, you will visit one of Brisbane’s highly regarded chocolatiers to pick up some specialty treats for the main walking part of this journey. Whilst you will be able to select from a range of delicious goodies, this stop will all be about trying one of Brisbane’s most iconic ingredients in a truly delicious form.
Stop #2 - Visit the iconic Botanical Gardens and specifically the home of an iconic ingredient
Walk through the city and visit the iconic Botanical Gardens to see first-hand the home of a historic ingredient that has nourished our locals for thousands of years before continuing your scenic journey to your first lunch stop.
Stop #3 - Savour your entrees in a modern setting with a historical connection
You will enjoy a variety of entree options in a modern setting with a historical connection to Brisbane’s early food story as you get a sense of how Brisbane evolved from a Penal Colony into a City and some of the key economic drivers that were behind the development.
Stop #4 - Take in the views of the iconic Brisbane River as you savour your local produce lunch course and desserts
For your main course and dessert, you will truly get a meal with a view alongside Brisbane’s Iconic River. Here you will enjoy a selection of dishes to share for your second lunch course, as well as individual desserts. You will also be able to choose beer, wine, or other drinks to have with each course.
Stop #5 - Finish your Brisbane local icons tour with a refreshing drink
After basking in the beauty of the river city, you will conclude your afternoon with a refreshing drink at an iconic spot and discover another great city laneway

From $290 P/P

Signature Must-Do Brisbane Experience


A Delectable Taste of Queensland is the perfect introduction to some of Queensland’s most renowned local produce and flavours. With everything from coffee to a seasonal seafood lunch, as well as some delicious wines, cocktails, and delectable nibbles along the way, this food tour will introduce you to some of the best food and beverages in Brisbane.

Signature Must-Do Brisbane Tour Itinerary

Stop #1 - Ease into the morning with a Coffee Tasting and Morning Tea
To kick start your day, you will be taken through a coffee tasting and learn a little about the process taken to create the perfect roast. You will then enjoy some coffee paired with morning tea made from a Queensland icon, and get to go behind the scenes of the roastery itself.
Stop #2 -Discover a Foodie Haven Off The Beaten Path
On your way to lunch you’ll make a stop off the beaten track to a true foodie heaven where you’ll have the opportunity to sample a variety of artisan cheeses to select the perfect ones for your own cheese platter.
Stop #3 - Take in Some of the Best Views of the Brisbane River and its City
On the way to lunch you will have the opportunity to take in some of the best views of the Brisbane River and the city. This will also give you some insight into what Brisbane once was.
Stop #4 - Savour Queensland's Seafood or Local Produce Lunch
You will then enjoy a seafood or other local produce lunch full of Queensland ingredients and sub-tropical flavours, paired with a cocktail (or other beverage if preferred). Lunch, as with all food and beverages will vary slightly depending on what is seasonally available, as well as to meet your specific tastes and dietary requirements. However, if seafood isn’t your thing, we’ll arrange other local produce to better suit your tastebuds.
Stop #5 - Indulge with handmade chocolates full of sub-tropical flavours
Before the day is out, you’ll indulge in a couple of locally handcrafted chocolates. These Queensland infused chocolates will be specifically selected based on your tastes.
Stop #6 - Enjoy a Tasting of Wine Paired with Two Kinds of Local Cheese
To conclude your afternoon, you’ll sit down with a platter of your carefully selected Queensland cheeses and a bottle of locally made wine.

Regional Food Tours

From $346 P/P

Hinterland Food Tour
Regional Producers Food Tour

Delectable Tastes of the Hinterland Experience

Immerse yourself in the flavours of the Moreton Bay region as you taste your way through some of the Hinterland’s premiere food producing farms and artisanal producers. During this bespoke guided tour, you will not only visit, but also experience behind the scenes at two different farms or producers on top of other stops, meet the people behind the scenes, and enjoy their produce. This specialised foodie experience is seasonal so be sure to book early!

Regional Producers Food Tour Itinerary

Stop #1 - Pick your own strawberries and experience a behind-the-scenes farm tour
To kick-off your hinterland experience, you will pick your own strawberries to graze on throughout the day and get an insiders guide to how a multifaceted food farm operates. Here you’ll also be able to select a couple of goodies to enjoy for morning tea. We will also grab a coffee or other beverage on the way up to energise you for this hands-on stop.
Stop #2 - Scenic stop to take in the beauty of the Hinterland region
As we weave our way through the hinterland, we will stop at a spectacular vantage point to further highlight some key facets of the region.
Stop #3 - Visit one of the area's first REKO rings
One of the best ways to meet a number of the area’s best producers is through something called a REKO ring. Here, we will pick up a number of prearranged goodies to have with your picnic lunch and meet the makers in the process.
Stop #4 - Enjoy a country town with true charm
Before heading off to lunch, we will have the opportunity to explore a quaint country town, whilst also picking up the final ingredients for your picnic lunch.
Stop #5 - Indulge in private picnic at an exclusive location
Here you will sit back, relax, and enjoy all the goodies you have gathered throughout the morning. Upon arriving at this gorgeous location, you’ll be greeted with all the trimmings and comforts to make your picnic experience even more enjoyable. You can also choose to add wine or beer for this stop when booking.
Stop #6 Select from another small town and afternoon tea option or a gin tasting experience
Whilst we know some love gin, we also know it’s not for everyone. For the last stop, you’ll have the opportunity to choose between a gin tasting, tour and a G&T to cap off your experience. Or, alternatively, you can choose to make a stop in another great country town for afternoon tea.

From $434 P/P

Sunshine Coast Food Tour


The Delectable Farm-to-Table Indulgence is a Sunshine Coast tour that makes for a great day tour from Brisbane. The tour will take you on a scenic journey through the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and along the stunning Sunshine Coast. This food tour showcases local produce and iconic ingredients from the regions we will be visiting with additional stops along the way to ensure you can take in the beauty of the Sunshine Coast. It is a morning tea, and two-course lunch experience with wine at two of the stops (or other drinks if preferred).

Sunshine Coast Food Tour Itinerary

Stop #1 - Experience one of the best vantage points in the Glass House Mountains
When you first step out of the car, you’ll experience one of the best vantage points to take in the spectacular Glass House Mountains. They are a unique facet of the region’s skyline, and are often said to be worth the trip in their own right.
Stop #2 - Experience a plantation and local produce store in the Glasshouse Mountains
Your first stop will take you on a tour of a plantation and local produce store in the Glasshouse Mountains. Here, they have created a plant-to-cup coffee experience, and produce their own honey. This will also be where we have morning tea.
Stop #3 - Local platters to graze on whilst enjoying locally produced wines
After tasting locally produced wines, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy your favourite drop with this first course. Your first lunch course will be a platter of locally grown and produced meats, and vegetables, as well as a cheese platter. These entrees of local ingredients will be beautifully paired with wine or a drink of choice with a scenic vista.
Stop #4 - Visit a well renowned fish market
The Sunshine Coast is home to one of Australia’s largest sea port on the Eastern Coast, and home to an abundance of fresh caught seafood. We’ll visit a local fish market where we can explore the various options on offer and see the trawlers and fishermen at work.
Stop #5 - Indulge in infamous local produce beautifully paired with wine
After visiting the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, you’ll then drive down to the coastal region where you’ll enjoy a main course of locally caught seafood (or other dishes depending on preference), and coastal views. After lunch, you will have the opportunity to explore the harbour area or esplanade, and walk along the beach before heading back to Brisbane.
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"Amazing! My boyfriend and I were a little skeptical about booking this tour since it included food options we really didn't care for but Jamie-Lee was beyond amazing. She was able to alter our menu to better fit our palettes. She was exceptionally knowledgeable about Brisbane, the food, and the culture. She made our food tour one of the most memorable excursions we've ever endured. I completely would recommend her and her team for your food tour needs.”
May 2019

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“I have done many food tours in the past but Jamie has set a standard that will be very hard to beat. From the first enquiry I knew this business felt special and as for the tour, it could not have been any better planned. I highly recommend this great business to anyone even locals that want a great day out. Thanks again Jamie.”
November 2016

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