Another new year is here and with so many people making new year’s resolutions, we thought you’d appreciate some inspiration.

It’s a twist between resolutions, goals to do, and a couple of trends thrown into the mix as well. So, without further ado here are our top 9 delicious resolutions we believe every foodie should make this year.

1. Visit a new cafe or restaurant every month

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of new restaurant and cafes opening every year so we really are spoilt for choice. We all love to dine at the best places and of course, we all have our favourites, but these places were all once unknown to you. So do yourself a favour and do some more culinary and dining exploring this year.

2. Plan a trip specifically around a food experience

Since stumbling across an article that featured this Treepod dining experience at Soneva Kiri I have been dreaming of visiting this amazing looking resort just to try out this experience. This year I’ve decided to stop dreaming and make specific holidays around experiences like this that I really want to try.

The unique Treepod experience allows you to comfortably sit in a bamboo pod while gazing out the tropical foliage of Koh Kood’s ancient rainforest. And of course, be showered with gourmet delights and your chosen wines, delivered via the zip-line acrobatics of your personal waiter. Amazing!

3. Make picnics a regular outing

Picnics are making a revival and are such a fun way to spend an afternoon. From packing your favourite food and drinks to getting a completely catered picnic, including the gorgeous cushions and rugs, you can create the perfect picnic outing.   

This year, I plan to make these a regular occurrence and tie it in with trying some great produce and take away from different cafes. 

4. Visit the local food markets at least once a fortnight

How amazing does a fresh apple taste when you bite into it? I love supporting local farmers and getting to know where my food comes from. When you think about how long fruit and vegetables, in particular, are kept for plus transportation times, they’re not exactly fresh by the time they make it to our kitchens.

Farmers Markets are also a great spot to try up and coming cafes or restaurants as well. They are a great place of discovery and if you go towards the end of the opening hours, you’re sure to get a number of great bargains too. 

5. Make weekday brunch a regular occurrence

I know if you’re a 9 – 5’er this can be a little difficult. Perhaps it will be a little less brunch and a little more breakfast, but either way, there are so many great cafes to check out during the week without the crowds.

Brunch or going out for breakfast on the weekend is one of my all-time favourite things to do, so this year I want to bring even more enjoyment to my weekdays and do it more regularly.

6. Dine on an Observation Wheel

Obviously, the London Eye is one of the more iconic observation wheels, but Australia has some great ones too. On most of the scenic rides, you can also dine in a VIP carriage whilst sipping champagne.

In Brisbane, you can enjoy a gourmet dessert platter with wine.

7. Host a dessert dinner party

So this is a bit of a silly new year’s resolution, but people are continuously asking for dessert tours, which got me thinking about how many dessert options there really are. There is so much from healthy to sickly sweet and a lot of different options in between that you can really make a few courses to suit a number of different taste buds.

It is something I’m still putting together in my mind, but when I get a clearer idea of what dishes I will do, I’ll be sure to share them with you.

8. Take a cooking class in your favourite cuisine

I love doing cooking classes, especially when travelling. It’s a great way to experience local ingredients and dishes and getting a better understanding of the food culture.

Funnily enough, my favourite cuisine is Indian, however, I have never done an Indian cooking class, so it is something I definitely want to do this year.

Simply Google cooking classes or schools in your area and there are bound to be a number of great options.

9. Have breakfast in bed every week

So this might be something I love doing, but for some reason never seem to do it that often. Obviously, it’s really nice to have someone bring you breakfast in bed, but if that’s not an option there is certainly no harm in doing it for yourself.

Breakfast in bed means there are very little distractions and it gives you a chance to just sit back, relax and enjoy your food perhaps with a good book. Pure bliss!

We’d love to hear about your foodie new year’s resolutions in the comments below. Do any of these inspire you?

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