Delectable Tours Founder
Meet Jamie-Lee, Delectable Tour’s Founder and Chief Tour Host.
Here are 11 things about Jamie-Lee and why she started Delectable Tours.

#1. I am a daughter, sister, wife, and mother

I am a daughter, sister, wife, and mother, amongst many other descriptions I’ve carried over the years.

#2. I founded Delectable Tours

I am the founder of Delectable Tours, a Brisbane based business that delivers locally inspired food experiences and food tours around Brisbane and the surrounding regions.

#3. I have always loved food

There is no denying that I love food, even since I was a baby when my parents couldn’t shovel the food in fast enough.

Through various positions, I’ve held over the years, I have had the opportunity to work in the food industry, doing everything from serving, preparing and selling food, being a waitress and cafe manager, working in events and managing them for a catering company. These experiences form only part of my background with most of my career in business-to-business marketing.

#4. My previous work positions prepared me for working in food tours

Despite having experience in the food industry, it didn’t truly prepare me for the world of food tours and all that is involved in running your own business. However, it certainly helped.

I had a good understanding of the hospitality industry, paired with a passion for hosting guests, excellent food, exceptional experiences and supporting local, I have been able to garner a wealth of knowledge and skills since first offering these on a small scale back in 2016.

#5. I want to share with the world just how good Brisbane’s food scene is

After moving to Brisbane in 2015, I was so surprised to see just how far Brisbane’s food scene had come since my previous visits.

I began looking into the food scene, learning more about the beautiful homegrown and imported talent that had recently migrated to Brisbane, about the quality of fresh produce in our surrounding regions with everything from exceptional seafood, fruits and vegetables, dairy, cattle and more I knew I had to create something that would tell the world just how good Brisbane’s food scene is.

#6. I am keenly interested in other cultures and food traditions

I have lived in four different countries, spending time in Germany, Spain, Canada, and Abu Dhabi. These experiences fuelled my passion for learning about other cultures and food traditions.

#7. I come from a family with a strong history in the wine industry

Coming from six generations of grape growers, and now winemakers, I have grown up with wine ingrained in every celebration in life, as part of family dinners, and other dining experiences all consisting of great food and equally great food. These experiences first developed my appreciation for quality food and wine.

#8. I have also learned the importance of sharing the stories of those that came before us.

I have also learned the importance of preserving traditions and sharing the stories of those that came before us.

To this day, my family still reside on some of the original lands our ancestors farmed when first settling in the Barossa Valley (a grape-growing region about an hour north of Adelaide in South Australia). Additionally, my ancestors were the first to plant Shiraz grapes in Australia and growing this variety of grape is something my family still proudly does.

#9. I create Brisbane experiences that are representative of the city, its people and its culture.

I focus on creating experiences that are representative of Brisbane and the other regions we visit. I want to tell the area’s food story, as well as the story of the talented people behind the food, and give you a unique experience.

#10. My goal in life is to create long-lasting memories.

My goal in life is to create long-lasting memories through the experiences I have the privilege of sharing with guests.

#11. Fun fact, food isn’t always fun for me!

One funny fact about me working so closely with food is that I have numerous food intolerances. Still, I’m happy to put up with a little pain to be able to taste-test everything for you so that I can ensure you are getting excellent quality food.

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