It’s an exciting time for us as we expand our team. Change and growth can be overwhelming, but this change has been something I’m over the moon about! Here, I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce you to our new culinary tours host.

Delectable Tours is my baby, something I’m very protective of, so bringing someone in to host guests isn’t something I took lightly. I searched high and low to make sure our guests will be well looked after, and I’m happy to introduce you to Wade.

Wade is our new host who brings a wealth of experience, personality and of course hosting skills to our team. As a company that is all about local, it was great to find someone who was born and bred in Queensland but has also traveled and lived overseas. Wade can share some great stories with you! Overall, he loves working with and listening to people, and this new role is an interesting new adventure for him.

Throughout the last 11 years of living overseas, he would come back to Queensland usually once a year for holidays and especially noticed the shift of restaurants and cafes trading in a more ‘green/sustainable/conscious’ way over time. More people were locally sourcing and telling their story of why and how they came to open their businesses. After returning home and helping his sister sell locally sourced fruit and vegetables at the Woodford Folk Festival in 2016, he saw first-hand how far Queensland had evolved with its great produce, and what Queensland has to offer.  

It was the opportunity to be able to connect with people through great food and conversation, and being involved in such a dynamic role and industry overall, especially one that brings so much joy to others that drew him to the position.

Something that is close to both of our hearts is our passion for food.

Wade’s passion for food is primarily linked to the basic human understanding that ‘food is fuel for our body.’ But it also goes much deeper than that…

It is impossible for anyone to have a perfect diet, but as I go on this journey of life I realise more and more how important it is for us all to know where and how our food is produced.

If we all had the correct information and access to ‘clean food’ when choosing our food products, the positive impact on our planet, the welfare of our animals, and our own lives would be enormous.

Through Wade’s work as a small independent farmer and food tour host, he is becoming more aware of his desire to share as much enthusiasm and knowledge as he can about the food we eat.  

Wade’s family farm is located in the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland where they produce top quality free range grass fed beef and pork. Plus, it has private access to Bellthorpe National Park. Sounds like a great place to stay and enjoy the beautiful environment, relax and get back to nature, don’t you think?

As you may be aware, we love to take you to great places we have personally experienced and would recommend. A few of Wade’s favourite places in and around Brisbane include Libertine Bar and Restaurant, The Dalgety Public House for Sunday afternoon drinks, The Coffee Cat on Kings Beach, Caloundra, which has amazing views, great coffee and brunch choices, and Bucci restaurant and bar on James St in New Farm for good Italian food and atmosphere, as well as locally sourced produce.

Like me, going out for brunch is one of his favourite things to do. Additionally, he will happily share his love for Asian Fusion, interesting vegan and vegetarian restaurants, and fresh calamari and local oysters with you.

Food is obviously a passion of Wade’s but he’ll also happily talk to you about his other passions like bushwalking, visiting quiet beaches with a good book, traveling to other cities, visiting markets and the latest play or theatre show.

I’m personally very excited to have Wade on board and know that you’ll also find him to be a great host. Even though he has traveled and lived overseas, at heart, he’s a country Queensland boy who has a great passion for our environment here and sharing that sense of pride and enthusiasm with people from all different backgrounds.

P.S Here are a couple of other fun facts you might like to know about Wade

  • He speaks fluent Dutch,
  • He loves going to the theatre when he has time,
  • He has a great love of dogs, and has six at the farm, the smallest being a Chihuahua and the biggest a Bullmastiff!
  • When he’s having a challenging day I love nothing more than taking the dogs for a walk into the back paddocks and seeing them run free in nature, a guaranteed stress reliever!

Want to know a little more about us?
Check out why I set up Delectable Tours and what we hope to share with you.


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