5 Great Ways to Spoil Mum this Mother's Day

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Mothers are certainly special people. They guide us, nurture us and love us unconditionally (well most of the time). So when it comes to Mother’s Day, it is the perfect opportunity to spoil mum and show her just how much you appreciate all she does.

If your mum is a bit of a foodie, we’ve got 5 great ways to spoil mum on Mother’s Day.

Generally, they are experiences and whilst they won’t be able to enjoy them right now, they are something they can look forward to, and perhaps something you’ll be able to share with them when the time is right.

Private Chef

This is something that can be a lot of fun for the whole family! It is especially viable if there are a few of you chipping in and you can tailor the menu to suit mum’s tastes.

The basic premise behind this is that you hire a chef to come into your home (or mum’s) to cook a special meal for you and wait on you for the evening. It is something that has taken off all over the world and there are many great companies now offering this worldwide.

If you’re in Australia there is a great site called At Your Table where you can select your state and style of menu that you’re after.

Their promise is to provide the very best private chefs and their exquisite cuisine from around the world, creating the perfect gourmet catering service.

It is certainly an experience that Mum would love the comfort of her own home with those she loves most.

Cooking Class or Food Experience

These options are great for either one-on-one time with mum or for a few of you to have some quality time with her.

If Mum loves to cook (although I’m sure she enjoys a few nights off, hint, hint) a cooking class can be a great way to share her love for cooking, whilst also enhancing your culinary skills to cook something special with her.

Perhaps, she particularly loves a certain cuisine or is fascinated by a country or culture, which should make it easy for choosing the type of cooking class that you can do together.

Again, there are so many options for these classes, just do a simple Google search for cooking classes in your area.

If Mum doesn’t love cooking (maybe it’s become a bit of a chore) or you think she would be on the other side of the kitchen bench, food experiences, such as a food tour can be a great gift.

Like private chefs, food tours have really taken off in recent years all over the world.

When it comes to special occasions like spoiling mum for mother’s day, we love creating customised experiences that are tailored specific to her tastes and your budget. All you have to do is answer a couple of questions about your budget and what mum likes and we’ll send you personalised recommendations.

Pampering Day

For those mums that love food just as much as they love to be pampered, why not organise a special brunch or even high tea followed by a spa session.

Depending on time and money you might want to share all of it with mum or just join her for the dining aspect of the day.

If you want to make it an all-in-one kind of day, many hotels will offer a special brunch package or high tea and maybe even a spa deal. If they don’t, it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask if they might be able to bundle a special package for you.


If the weather’s still nice in May where you live, a gourmet picnic can be a lovely way to spoil mum in a relaxing setting.

This is something that can also be budget friendly if you have the time (and skill) to prepare lots of mum’s favourite dishes yourself.

If you’d prefer not to do the cooking, there are, of course, numerous options for getting catering, take away or even gourmet hampers.

Then there’s the option to take it up to another level with the help of companies like Pretty Picnics. On top of the catering, they also offer great styling and props for your occasion. With everything from fresh flowers to complete table scrapings for your event including full silver service 3-course meal table setup and equipment.

All Her Favourite Things

In line with the gourmet picnic hampers, putting together a hamper with some of mum’s favourite things can be a great gift idea.

It is something that you may also like to give her in addition to the above experiences or make it a gift in its own right.

After all, we know not everyone is as crazy about experiences as we are, and this is still a great way to spoil mum.

You could fill it with her favourite, wine, tea, coffee, scented candles, beauty products, photos and photos frames of the family, vouchers, chocolates, dried fruits and nuts, cheese, and the list could go on! Just think about what mum likes most.


Hopefully, these 5 ways will inspire you to spoil mum this mother’s day.

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