Why Valentine’s Day Should be Banned

Valentine's Day

I know this statement is going to make a number of people pretty mad but bare with me here for a second.

I’m certainly not against romance or the original origins of the day as a feast day honouring one or more early saints named Valentinus, or even its evolution into an occasion in which lovers express their love for each other.

To best honest, I like many others enjoy receiving flowers and chocolates and other nice things. The day does have some perks and can’t act as a great reminder to show those that we love just how much we care and appreciate them. But…. (you knew this was coming)

Many believe it has become over-commercialised, and I’d be the first to agree. Does the day really hold any meaning for you? I know it does for some, especially those that met, got engaged or even married on this date, and that’s great, but for different reasons. It is special because of what happened on this date, not because of the International meaning of the day. Some might argue that it is special or only happened on this date because of what it stands for, which is exactly what I want to get down to.

In my opinion, Valentine’s Day acts as a reminder for us to show each other how much we love each other and make sure we spend some quality time together. This doesn’t need to be once a year, it needs to be a lot more frequent! Whether it is a regular date night, doing something together that you both love, or celebrating your milestones together, it doesn’t matter, it should just be special to you.

Instead of worrying about buying gifts or booking expensive restaurants for the occasion, stop reading this and just tell your loved one how much you really appreciate them!

Valentine’s Day gives us an excuse to put this all off til one day of the year, and that’s not okay. We don’t need Valentine’s Day, we might need some calendar reminders to schedule some special time together, but we don’t need to spend big on overpriced roses for one day just to show someone we love them.

Plus, if you’re single, wouldn’t you rather see Valentine’s Day disappear? Trust me, I’ve been there! Okay, this might be a little dramatic.

Whilst banning Valentine’s Day is a tad extreme, I’d still urge you to think about ways you can continually show each other just how much you love one another. Perhaps, I should have included a disclaimer warning for some sappiness here.

No matter your opinion on the day, don’t wait just to say you love someone, and show them in your own unique way. If you do want to do something really special and would like some help, we’d always be happy to put something together for you.