If you’re looking for some delicious things to do in Brisbane on a Saturday morning in the city, then this post was written for you!

Although many of Brisbane CBD’s great little restaurants and cafes close on the weekend (particularly in the mornings) there is still plenty close by (and even in the heart of the CBD) for foodies.

Here is something I love to do on a Saturday morning in Brisbane. From markets, coffee, a walk, and brunch this is full of yummy delights! What more could you want?! Okay, there could be a few more things on your wishlist, but it’s certainly not a bad start.

Whether you like to kick-off your weekend early or enjoy a sleep in, you can still enjoy all of these activities, as long as you’re up before midday!

Cruise Along the River

From the city, give yourself the chance to enjoy the city sights from the water with a ride on Brisbane’s free City Hopper ferry. It is a reasonably short ride to the Jan Powers Powerhouse Farmers Markets at New Farm.

Farmers Markets

Things to do in Brisbane - Jan Powers Power House Farmers Markets
Jan Powers Power House Farmers Markets – Image credit:

These Saturday morning markets are quintessential on lists of things to do in Brisbane and a great spot for foodies. These markets run from 6:00 am to 12:00 pm. Grab yourself some fresh produce or simply pick up some great snacks to sustain you through the weekend. If you are planning on buying fresh produce, you might want to alter your itinerary to drop it off before brunch.


Things to do in Brisbane - Brisbane coffee
Di Bella Coffee – Image credit:

Obviously, you’ll need to rehydrate or re-caffeinate. If coffee is your poison of choice, grab a Di Bella coffee. Di Bella Coffee was established in 2002 and has rapidly grown to become Australia’s leading speciality coffee company, offering consistent quality with an emphasis on excellence in customer service. And their coffee is pretty delicious too!

Pre-Brunch Snacks

A couple of stalls you’ll want to visit for delicious treats or a pre-brunch snack are NoDo , The Bagel Boys and The Goat Pie Guy.

Things to do in Brisbane - Nodo Donuts
Nodo Donuts – Image credit:

NoDo makes and bakes their doughnuts fresh daily. Yep, that’s right – they’re not fried and some aren’t even baked. This might not be anything new to you if you’re a long-standing NoDo fan, but I especially love that they are free from sugar, egg, dairy, and gluten. I recommend trying the Love Spell – perfect for the chocoholic!

Things to do in Brisbane - Bagel Boys Bagels
Bagel Boys Bagels – Image credit

Another great option are the bagels from The Bagel Boys. The sunflower and rye, blueberry or cinnamon and raisin are all delicious!

Things to do in Brisbane - Goat Pie Guy
Goat Pie Guy – Image credit

If you’re in the mood for something hot, it would be a sin to leave without a visit to the Goat Pie Guy. You may even want to get some to reheat if you’re into that. The signature – The Deluxe Goat Pie is definitely worth a try.

If you’ve eaten your way around the markets and don’t feel super hungry, you might want to recover by catching a few rays in New Farm Park or go for a walk along the river.

Although I could easily give you a list of 10 or more cafes in the area for brunch, I’m going to recommend one that doesn’t require a huge walk just in case you’ve got an armful of shopping.


Just up the road from the New Farm park is the delicious Pablo cafe situated on Brunswick street.

Things to do in Brisbane - Smashed Avocado

Smashed Avocado

Every time I’ve been here I’ve had a delicious meal, but there are a couple of items I highly recommend.  If you aren’t sick of avo on toast yet, try their smashed avocado on sourdough. It comes with grilled halloumi, macadamia black sesame dukkah, minted labneh, heirloom tomato, virgin lemon myrtle oil, radish, herb salad and fresh lemon. Alternatively, try the Middle Eastern Breakfast. It is amazing!

Things to do in Brisbane - Middle Eastern Breakfast

Middle Eastern Breakfast

This is a dish of herb tabbouleh, cumin roast pumpkin, house made hummus, beetroot puree, grilled halloumi, toasted Turkish bread, dukkah, and a free range fried egg. Delish!

Please note that they change their menus seasonally so these items won’t always be on the menu.

Now, what are you going to do after brunch? How about a spot of shopping and a drink at one of the many bars in the James street area to top it off? Or, why not continue your food journey with one of our delicious tours?

Enjoy your Saturday!

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