10 Reasons You’ll Love An Ultimate Experience

This ultimate experience is our newest creation of delicious local produce, award winning venues and amazing wines. It is called the Ultimate Delectable Experience for a reason and that’s because it also entails a lot more!

The Ultimate Delectable Experience is just that. It is a first-class tour that includes both luxury car and helicopter transportation, visiting fine-dining establishments in the outer Brisbane region. This tour highlights some of Queensland’s best locally grown produce and has a real focus on farm-to-table. It is a five-course experience that also includes tastings and two bottles (to take home) of locally produced wine.

Here are 10 reasons we believe you’ll love an ultimate experience.


Quality One-on-One Time with Someone Special

Ultimate Experience Romantic

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This experience has been specially designed for two. Although you’ll have your host guide you along the way, you will dine privately and have a chance to just sit back and enjoy your time together. So often we get distracted by our everyday lives and even everyone else’s problems or concerns, but this experience is just about you.

You don’t have to think about a thing as everything is taken care of for you.


Helicopter Flights

Ultimate Experience Helicopter

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Okay, who doesn’t want to arrive at five-star venues in a helicopter? It is the real celebratory factor! Besides this it allows you to see some beautiful scenery from above and travel quickly to different locations outside of Brisbane.

We wanted to give you a real taste of the amazing produce South East Queensland produces, so why not take you directly to the source. You’ll fly and arrive in style to these various areas with breathtaking views.

World-Class Cuisine

Ultimate Experience World Class Cuisine

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Being a food tour company, it is no surprise that our main focus is on amazing food. This ultimate experience is all about gourmet dining at award-winning restaurants.

We know first-hand that no one-size fits all, so your menu will be customised to your tastes. No matter what your tastes it will be full of seasonal local produce prepared by excellent chefs.


Award Winning Wine

Ultimate Experience Premium Wine

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Starting with a private premium wine tasting and cheese pairing with more wine tasting and paired wines to enjoy along the way, this experience is heavily geared towards the wine lover.

Plus, did I mention that you get to take two bottles of your favourite wines home with you?


Door-to-Door Service

Ultimate Experience Prestige Car

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So, unfortunately, we can’t just rock in with a helicopter anywhere. There are a number of restrictions preventing that! But, we will pick you up in a prestige vehicle from your home or accommodation and take you back when the experience is finished. It wouldn’t be an ultimate experience if you had to jump in a taxi or even get on a bus when you’re finished. And, realistically after all that award-winning wine you really shouldn’t be driving!


Scenic Rim

Ultimate Experience Rainforest

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The Scenic Rim is exquisite! It is home to six National Parks, World Heritage listed rainforest, and three dams, so amazing the view from above. Amazing!

From the ground, you’ll not only see the views of vineyards, lavender fields and the Great Dividing Range, but you’ll also get to experience the land’s produce.


Lockyer Valley

Ultimate Experience Australian Bush

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The Lockyer Valley is home to so much more than farming and agriculture. It is a blend of town and country living with everything from top class restaurants and art galleries to stunning national parks and bushwalking.

You’ll have a chance to experience this both from the sky and the land. Plus, you’ll get to spend time on 12,000 acres of true Australian Bush.


Scope Out Venues For Your Wedding or Other Special Celebration

Ultimate Experience Wedding

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All of the venues we take you to on the Ultimate Delectable Experience are excellent, award-winning wedding venues so this could be your chance to scope out a few places all at once.

If a wedding is on the cards for you, you might also be interested in some of these venues for another special occasion or just a weekend away in luxury accommodation.



Ultimate Experience Cocktails

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“A cocktail done right can really show your guests that you care” – Danny Meyer
We want to indulge you on this ultimate food experience, and to us, this includes a cocktail. It’s our little way of showing you how much we care! Because the experience can’t just end with a drive back to the city, it needs to be capped off with something a little more memorable.


Make a weekend out of it

Ultimate Experience Accomodation

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This ultimate experience has specifically been designed with two options. Option one to have all of the amazing things above and option two to have all of the amazing things above plus accommodation with a dinner and breakfast package.

If a special weekend is what you’re looking for, why not extend your experience and enjoy even more delicious food, drinks and alone time?!


And, that’s a rap! Seriously, tell me you don’t love the sound of this! We hope you do, and if you’d like to book one for you or someone special, visit our
Ultimate Delectable Tour page.

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